Ali’s Comeback Trailer, Cannes

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The year is 1970. It has been three and a half years since Muhammad Ali was stripped of his title. Convicted of draft evasion, given a $10,000 fine and five years imprisonment; his passport is revoked so that he cannot earn money abroad. He is banned in all 50 states and unable to work in the field for which he had no equal. The door on his illustrious career is about to close... But in Atlanta, Georgia, an astute white businessman, a visionary black senator, and a progressive Jewish mayor join forces to make the impossible possible. Ali's Comeback: The Untold story is a powerfully moving story about those bold and intrepid souls who came together to return the greatest athlete of the 20thCentury from the shadows of the boxing ring and back onto the world stage.the shadows of the boxing ring, and onto the world stage.

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