Quick Start Guide

The Next "Top" HBCU Fashion Designer Contest - Quick Start Guide

The Next "Top" HBCU Fashion Designer Contest has some very specific requirements that your work will be judged on. ( review contest requirements here) This Quick start guide is designed to make it easy for you to get your Designer Profile set up so you can concentrate on your creativity.


1. Step one: Complete the registration process and login.


2. Next click "My Profile" and then look to the bottom and click edit profile.

A. Here you can complete your basic contest profile details.

B. Be sure to fill in the "about me" section.  This will be your "personal essay."


3. Next Click Photos > Upload Photos > Now you can create albums

A. Create 4 albums, Mood Boards, Fabric Page, 5 Look Collections, Technical Flats

B. Add your designs and work into each appropriate album.


4. Photo Descriptions

A. Use the photo descriptions form to describe in detail your work.


5.  Profile photo and Profile Background Cover image

A.  Click on My Designer Profile > change profile picture

B. Click My Designer Profile - Look on the right side of the page and you'll see a little gear wheel. Click this icon > the click > modify cover.

C. Click "Save" to save your work.


That's it...  You're done! We wish you luck and hopefully we'll be announcing YOU as the winner of the The Next "Top" HBCU Designer Contest!


Ok you got it? Cool... click here to get back to the contest



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