HBCU in LA Hollywood Summit 2021

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May 31, 2021

Get Ready for the "HBCU in LA: Hollywood Summit" 2021

HBCU in LA: Hollywood Summit 

EICOP Inaugural HBCU in LA: Hollywood Summit 2021 

The summit will bring together the HBCU Community and the Entertainment Industry for the  very first time. We will welcome HBCU presidents, faculty, community leaders and students  to the Hollywood community. The four-day conference will consist of seminars, panel  discussions, screenings and other industry related events. The purpose is to expand the  industry’s knowledge of HBCUs and vice versa. This important platform will allow the HBCU  Community and our Industry Partners to share and engage, while highlighting the critical role  HBCUs can play as centers for diversity in building a pipeline of talent for work in today’s  global creative economy. Once COVID-19 is behind us, future convening will be in-person as  part of our traditional, HBCU in LA Hollywood Welcome Week events. 

Entertainment Industry College Outreach Program 

EICOP is an educational arts workforce development nonprofit organization dedicated to  educating, training and recruiting the best and brightest diverse student leaders from our  nation’s Historically Black Colleges & Universities for careers across all aspects of the  entertainment, media, communications, sports, music and technology industries. 

In 2015, EICOP joined forces with The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges  and Universities (WHI-HBCU) to launch its premiere internship program, HBCU in LA. This  innovative pipeline development initiative is the first Los Angeles based program of its kind  to provide HBCU students with critical housing and the opportunity to participate in 10-week  paid internships with major studios, networks, talent agencies, production companies and  other creative industry organizations. 

About the participants 

The summit is the first convening of industry leaders and our nation’s HBCUs. This virtual  event will bring together more than 500 participants including HBCU leaders, key faculty, students, A-List talent & influencers. Participants will also include: notable HBCU alumni, DE&I  leaders, advocates and members of the White House Initiative on HBCUs.  

Summit Details 

EICOP will host the event virtually with On Location Live, its virtual production partner. The  summit will feature four-days of curated sessions and discussions between HBCU leaders,  faculty, students and industry leaders and organizations that focus on the importance and  relevance of HBCUs, the talent they have long produced and the critical role they can play in  creating a more equitable, diverse and inclusive workforce as centers for diversity. Summit  dates: June 1-4, 2021 



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