Former President Barack Obama Delivers Advice to Democrats for 2022 Elections

By Say~It~Loud!

February 17, 2022

President Barack Obama delivered a message to Democrats last week, perhaps telling them not what they wanted to hear, but rather what he felt they needed to hear...

During the closed-door virtual address, the former Commander-in-Chief gave his marching orders to House Democrats as they hit the campaign trail ahead of the midterm elections. In essence, Mr. Obama told his audience, "don't whine" or focus on the losses. 

President Obama Advised House Democrats On the Campaign Trail

In the private meeting that lasted for more than an hour last Thursday, President Obama also advised House Democrats on the campaign trail to recognize the pain and struggles that many families are still experiencing today. He told the House Democratic Caucus members there is a need to empathize with Americans who have experienced the toughest years imaginable as the country navigated the pandemic, including the loss of jobs, the interruption of in-class schooling, and rising inflation, among other things.


The 44th President of the United States continued to press current politicians to connect with voters and avoid the things or issues the party has been unable to accomplish. Following discussions with those in attendance, analysts called this a direct hit on the time lost over the last several months complaining about Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and other obstructions.


Remember to celebrate the victories:

On the 15th anniversary of his announcement kicking off his historic presidential campaign, President Obama looked back to his 2010 midterm losses and looked ahead to share with House Democrats the benefits of his experience. The president called upon those on the campaign trail making their pitches to Americans, to not only empathize with life-changing experiences over the last two, almost three years, but celebrate the victories. Those experiences include making vaccines available to all who wanted them (with the exception of children under age 5), access to healthcare, improvement in the jobs reports, and the bipartisan passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure bill.


While President Obama was speaking to Democratic members of Congress, who may already be doing what he advises, one can't help but think that his "hope" was to not only send the message to party members from the Statehouses to city halls, but especially to the White House, the workplace of his former VP, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. After all, as he did with the signing of the Affordable Care Act, Biden knew then and knows now "a big f-in'" deal and how to impress it upon the American public.