Rev. Teddy Matthews "A BEACON OF HOPE!"

By Shaquille Hill

April 08, 2021

Husband, Pastor, innovator and educator for change, 29-year-old Rev. Teddy Matthews is a rising star striving to make it his mission to make a difference through faith, encouragement and the word of God.

Since he was 19 years old, Rev. Teddy Matthews had a calling to go into his community and become a change maker by teaching and educating people on the "empowerment of the Word" ... hence his church’s name became the "Empowerment Church." Rev. Teddy Matthews mission went beyond just bettering his church and local community, but also uplifting and encouraging everyone he touched to help them navigate their careers and the sometimes "treacherous" waters of life. Rev. Matthews, is a transformational leader, who inspires and educates people as young as three to ninety-five years old whether it be through social media, live and on demand broadcasts or personal sermons, (pre-covid.)

Learning and gaining inspiration from the teachings of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and other beloved leaders, Rev. Teddy Matthews uses his wisdom to blend the trends of today with the word of God to empower and uplift people of all ages. Rev. Matthews had a vision to start fresh and create a church from the ground up ... a sanctuary that he believed would engage and touch people that weren’t being reached. Rev. Matthews has the unique ability to reach millennials and Generation Z based as he is also a young person who understands the youth culture challenges in today’s society. 

"keeping hope in the future so that we can get through the present is a mindset to keep in order to have a tomorrow to look forward to..."
Rev. Teddy Matthews, The Empowerment Church

Rev. Matthews, as an advocate for change, recognizes that the trends of today such as, music, fashion, and black culture in general can blend well with the teaching and word of God. He has successfully integrated both Hip-Hop and Religion by “bridging the gap” between the two based his knowledge of our culture. Rev. Matthews said, "staying together and fighting to keep hope alive while also continuing to fight against violence, hatred and systemic racism is my message when it comes to the question of how to heal a nation." He also stated, "keeping hope in the future so that we can get through the present is a mindset to keep in order to have a tomorrow to look forward to." Otherwise we wouldn’t have any fight and fire left within us to keep going and fighting for change so that future generations won’t have to suffer through the same problems that we are going through today.

Rev. Teddy Matthews is destined to be a  "beacon of hope" for all mankind. Rev. Matthews has proven that it IS possible to be a leader and start brand new and teach others how to succeed with their own endeavors. On his journey and mission to create a global movement, Rev. Teddy Matthews stands out as a positive role model, and a force for good within our community that we can learn from and call upon whenever we need spiritual guidance.


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