By Say~It~Loud!

September 28, 2021

October: National Black Fine Arts Month

UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL OF INVESTING IN BLACK ART " According to a study by the Yale Law Journal, art as investment has an increasingly prominent “feature of the art world. It is now common for investors to collect pieces based largely on their anticipated future resale value rather than their aesthetic value. Surveys have found that: half of art collectors consider investment returns to be an important motivation for their art purchases, and 88% of wealth managers think art and collectibles should be included as part of a wealth management offering. Prices for work by Black artists follow this same trend.

In May, the Indianapolis-based Black Art Auction house closed their inaugural auction, comprised solely of works by Black American artists, with sales totaling $3.2 million. The sale drew more than 400 bidders. While digesting these figures it is important to collect work you love while planning for its valuation, sale and eventual disposition. This panel, assembled by Pigment International, will discuss acquiring, enjoying and valuing Black fine art.


Keith A. Golden, JD, CEO Art by Golden/Golden Galleries, LLC, Colorado
Diane Dinkins-Carr, DDC Consulting Group, Inc.

Dr. Addie Dawson-Euba, retired professor, department of Visual and Performing Arts Southern University,
Baton Rouge

„October: National Black Fine Arts Month.“