A Better Baltimore

Frank, Sheila, Taneisha all have a story but who can be trusted in the City of Baltimore

All Lives Matter. Baltimore City Police Officers are directly affiliated and affected by the death of a 12 0'clock biker which brings them face to face with the city's strife, systemic corruption and hidden truths which makes them question, where can trust be found in Baltimore?


  • Tyrone Dubose as Officer Frank Hicks
  • Ahesha Catalano as Officer Sheila Owens
  • Jael Toppin as Taneisha Jackson
  • ShiobAnn Amisal as Gloria Jackson
  • Ashley Jeffrey as States Attorney Michelle Mitchell
  • Reuel Belt as Derrick Mitchell
  • Chris Oliver as Darryl Moore
  • Chantel Lashon as Alicia Johnson
  • Alexander Catalano as Sgt. Cliff
  • Amanda Ives as Tiffani Hicks
  • Eric Rudo as Ernest Thomas
  • Renee Ambush as DJ Nay
  • Alexis Rae as State Correctional Officer
  • Darnell as State Sherriff/Bailiff
  • Akil Williams as Detective
  • David Rhodes as Police Officer
  • Shay Warren as Police Officer


  • Director: Trevor Kyle Hansford
  • Writers: Renee Ambush & Jael Toppin in association with Trevor Kyle Hansford
  • Line Producer: Krystyna Howell
  • Consulting Producer: Kennan Cooley
  • Camera Op: Mike Landry’s
  • Sound Mixer: Mike Alvarez
  • Music Score: Herman Jackson
  • Post Production Mgr: Grant Nicholas
  • Grip: Ted Stewart
  • Wardrobe: Ampriah Bright
  • Maintenance: Kevin Osorio

Honorary Mentions: Gary Myers Jr, Michele Kiley , Myesha Hurt



    • Directors

      Trevor Hansford
    • Writers

      Renee Ambush, Trevor Hansford, Jael Toppin
    • Runtime

    • Country

    • Release Date

      May 13, 2007
    • Studio

      Out Tha Box Production


    Alexander Catalano

    Amanda Ives

    Chantal Lashon

    Chris Oliver

    Erik Ajamu Rudo

    Reuel Belt

    Tyrone DuBose


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