Program Schedules

AUGUST 9th thru August 22nd

The Color Of STEM featuring Allison Seymour

Episode #5 Features ... Our Color of STEM teamed attended the Sustainable Energy for all Forum in Brooklyn, NY. Our Global NetGeneration of Youth Cyberjournalist Had a chance to sit done with author, Thomas Friedman an American journalist, author, journalist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner. Exclusively on HBCUGo.TV
  • Mon, Aug 9th

    1pm & 8pm Est
  • Friday, Aug 13th

    1pm & 8pm EST
  • Monday, Aug16th

    1pm & 8pm EST
  • Friday, Aug 20th

    1pm & 8pm EST

Black College Quiz Show with Nephew Tommy

In this episode: Allen competes with Alabama State University.The quiz show series features HBCU College students from around the country showcasing their knowledge and skill of African-American history.
  • Tues, Aug 10th

    11am & 8pm Est
  • Thursday, Aug 12th

    11am & 8pm EST
  • Tuesday, Aug 17th

    11am & 8pm EST
  • Thursday, Aug 19th

    11am & 8pm EST

What's Next with Charlie Neal

HBCUGO.TV proudly presents "What's Next with Charlie Neal?" In this episode Charlie's special guest is Nic King founder of Proud Puff's Cereal. Legendary sportscaster Charlie Neal aka... "The Voice" of HBCU Sports. Streaming in HD on HBCUGO.TV
  • Monday, Aug 9th

    4pm & 10pm Est
  • Friday, Aug 13th

    4pm & 10pm EST

Red Summer

The year is 2021, exactly 100 years after the business district in Tulsa, referred to as Black Wall Street, or Greenwood was destroyed physically. Four artistic millennials who own businesses from Chicago are the new generation of story tellers to commemorate the centennial of the destruction in Tulsa. Exclusively on HBCUGo.TV
  • Tuesday, Aug 10th

    3pm & 10pm Est
  • Thursday, Aug 12th

    3pm & 10pm EST

Detroit Football Classic

Howard University vs Alabama State University. The Detroit Football Classic features a football game between two Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Tailgating, an Ultimate Block party and a College fair... Streaming in HD on HBCUGo.TV
  • Wed, Aug 11th

    12pm Est
  • Sat, Aug 14th

    2pm EST
  • Sat, Aug 15th

    1 & 4pm EST

Mark Gray’s Sports Groove

Mark Gray’s Sports Groove Featuring Bobby Dandridge. A dynamic veteran sports journalist, broadcaster and award winning writer, Mark Gray has 25 years experience in multimedia communications. streaming in HD on HBCUGo.TV
  • Mon, Aug 16th

    4pm Est
  • Friday, Aug 20th

    4pm EST

2004 Florida Classic

HBCUGoTV re-broadcasts one of the great match ups in HBCU football from the Florida Classic. FAMU vs Bethune- Cookman 2004!
  • Sat, Aug 21st

    10am Est
  • Sun, Aug 22nd

    1pm EST

CIAA Basketball

Virginia State vs Shaw - The CIAA tournament is the quintessential cultural experience offering official events appealing to a diverse demographic of alumni and fans.
  • Saturday, Aug 21st

    10am & 4pm Est
  • Sun, Aug 22nd

    1pm & 4pm Est