How to publish your videos like a Pro

"This tutorial assumes that you've already registered, you've been accepted and you're looking at the "Video Upload Form" for the first time.

  • First add video title

    First line on the form

    Click on the title line and add your preferred title.

  • Next: Select a category

    Choose only one category

    Click on the category line and a drop down selection of categories will appear. Choose one for your video. (alway carefully choose your category... videos in wrong categories are automatically deleted... for example, never place a sports video in a music category.)

  • Type:

    Choose the type of video

    Click on the "Type" line and you have 2 choices, self-hosted or youtube. Self-hosted simply means you're uploading you own video file, MP4. For youtube just add the video link...example:

  • Video Image

    Video image aka video thumbnail

    When you use a youtube video the image thumbnail will be automatically added to the video. When you upload your own video file you will need to add your own image...we suggest 1440 width by 720 height. However, any good quality, " landscape" orientation image is fine.

  • Meta Description

    Search Engine Optimization

    The purpose of a meta description for video is to get someone searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo to click on a link to your video. Setting the meta description is very important. Keep it short and to the point...about 155 characters.



    It's a wrap.

    That's it!  Pat yourself on the back... you're a Pro!

 Ok let's be clear, uploading videos is very easy, and you can actually do it with just 3 steps, however, if you want to publish like a Pro...