HBCU GO! Experience the Pride!

HBCU GO! -- The first and only mobile destination for the total HBCU Hangtime experience.  HBCU GO! offers original, authentic and bodacious video content such as, sports, music, entertainment, movies, edutainment and live events for our viewers to engage and share with others. In addition to watching the excitement, you can also invite others to “Hang Out” in your private lounge to chill and have real conversations and a chance to win prizes by playing games with your friends in real-time.

Why should you download the HBCU GO! app TODAY:

  • It’s free to play and everyone has the chance to win special prizes
  • Watch the best entertainment produced by millennial content producers from the campuses
  • HBCU Hangtime connects friends and meet new people
  • Watch video content up close and tune in with English or Spanish commentary
Initial release of the HBCU Go app providing a Hangtime experience.
  • Many brand new channels including HBCU sports, culture, and entertainment.
  • Watch these channels with your friend in new themed Hangs such as Greek Life, Alumni Cafe, and The Yard.  
  • Come and experience the pride!